After years of being in the property industry it became apparent that the main concerns landlords had for renting their properties was that they were concerned about receiving the rent for their property on time, consistently every month.
Our solution for this is a guaranteed rent scheme which offers you a stress & hassle free service. You will have the rent paid to you on the 1st of each month regardless if there is a tenant residing in your property or not. We will manage your property for free and do inspections as and when necessary.
We have a number of contractors on our panel who will be on call 24/7 – we will always inform you of any works that need to be carried out so you are kept in the loop. The term of the tenancies will vary from 2-5 years.

Paid on time, every month, guaranteed


Free management & inspections


Contractors on speed-dial 24/7


Zero hassle

For your free quotation, please submit the address of the property in the message field. We aim to return quotations within 1 working day.

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